Saturday, October 2, 2010


ICCL was initially formed to take up in-house construction and subcontracCONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALting works for foreign principals who have secured turn key contracts in Nepal. With the onset of huge opportunities in the construction industry and in particular the hydropower construction industry with notable development through the private sector, the company has been given an impetus for creation of a world class construction company with modern fleet of equipments backed by both national and international professionals with in depth experience and know how in the construction industry with particular emphasis in the hydro power construction services activities.
ICCL owes much of its foundation credit to the massive demand for infrastructure and energy in the emerging markets in the Asian Region. Supporting the efforts to capitalize on this enormous opportunity was the successful operations in the smaller construction activities as well as local construction project support services to reputed international firms engaged in Nepal that ICCL had been CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALinitiating since its foundation as in-house construction services.ICCL recognizes the importance of not just water resources, tourism and organic food production but also well educated and goal oriented people and a democratic business environment that attracts investors and boost the construction market in the coming decades. In this process, ICCL is determined to create an identity as a major contractor playing a key role in the Nepalese Construction Market and in becoming one of the largest business employers in Nepal with a strong corporate social responsibility. As a part of realizing this vision, the company has prioritized quality of construction equipment, tools and workshops, mobilization of efficient human resources and quality management technology as its forte, supporting which is the strategic alliance with world class foreign construction contracting groups and individual expertise.


Kalika Construction is a leading well-known and well-established "A" class construction company of Nepal having 31 years of experience in all types of construction worksCONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPAL. It was founded in 1976 and its parents company, Kalika Group has five operating companies in five business sectors: Hydropower, Construction, Software Outsourcing, International trading and FM Radio/Media. The Kalika Group is one of Nepal's largest and most respected business conglomerates.It is an independent multi-disciplinary construction company in the shape of limited liability with the Department of Industry and Ministry of Works and Transport. It has been established with the aim of providing construction works services in the field of roads, highways, bridges, drainage, irrigation, water supply, river training, hydropower, electrical transmission and distribution lines, tunnels, building and industrial complex. In short, Kalika Construction is able to offer completely comprehensive construction services which covers the civil engineering works together with electrical and hydropower. It is well aware of the variety of construction works required by different Departments and Agencies in Nepal. It normally takes up works independently with CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALchallenge and endeavors to commence, execute, complete and maintain them as specified to the satisfaction of the esteemed client. Sometimes it also works as a lead partner and sometimes as Partner in a joint venture. Since the establishment of company, it has successfully completed different contracts such as highway, village roads, canal, drainage, structures, buildings, river trainings, irrigations, bridges, electrical works etc. under Government of Nepal, National and International Agencies like Property Services Agency of England, Crown Agents and Keir International Joint Venture of England. In some projects we have been awarded the bonus by completing the job with quality work before the completion date. These experience include works under pure Government of Nepal Financed Projects, ADB financed projects and World Bank Financed projects.


Clean Developers Private Limited, a company promotedby Clean Energy DeCONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALvelopment Bank Limited, comprises professionals from different walks of life and business houses, who aim to benchmark the next era of real estate development in Nepal. With the highest level of corporate governance and transparency in operations, our business philosophy is not limited to creating just concrete and brick structures but to work towards sustainable development. Central Park, will redefine the benchmark in group housing in Nepal and be an exemplary showcase of energy efficient development.
United Builders and Engineers Pvt. Ltd was incorporated as an Engineering Construction company in the year 2038 B.S. (1981). The main aim of the company is to carrCONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALy out Civil Engineering and allied construction activities within the country and has been undertaking civil works valued up to 800 million rupees as a single contract. In its successful journey of 25yrs it has launched United World Trade Center (UWTC) in its silver jubilee. UWTC, the largest multiplex of Nepal constructed so far.
Annapurna Group Pvt., Ltd. (AGPL) obtained a Generation license for development CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN NEPALof Madi-1 Hydroelectric Project (MHEP). The proposed Madi-1 Hydroelectric Project (MHEP) is located on Madi River at Kalika, Sildujara and Thumakodanda Village Development Committee in Kaski District of the Western Development Region of Nepal. The Feasibility Study envisaged a pondage run-off river scheme and recommended an optimum size of the project at 20MW installed capacity, which should generate 128.38 GWh annual average energy.


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