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The Catholic University of America


In past years, civil engineers focused on design and construction of new facilities, such as buildings, bridges and highways, water treatment and environmental facilities, foundations and tunnels. Today's civil engineer not only has to design new facilities but must also analyze the effects of deterioration on infrastructure elements, consider system interdependencies and evaluate life-cycle impacts while also considering environmental and economic sustainability within the context of society. Civil engineers must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of traditional, fundamental principals and new technologies in order to address the complex, interdisciplinary problems faced within society. The undergraduate program at


CUA gives the students the necessary background to success within this new context and to become the future leaders of the profession.

The Catholic University of America is student-oriented and multi-faceted research University. The Department of Civil Engineering is a select group of students and faculty who are dedicated to work together to build a sustainable future through the development of our civil infrastructure and the betterment of our global environment. We have a faculty who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate teaching and are at the forefront of engineering research. Being in the Nation's capital, we have, also in our faculty, a group of world-class professional experts in engineering, law, business, who bring practice into the classroom.

Mission of the Civil Engineering Program

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide a balanced education to students, strong in scientific, engineering, humanistic, and social bases, so that they may attain a leadership role in their profession and "use their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare and the environment" (Code of Ethics, America Society of Civil Engineers).

Disciplines and Degree Programs:

The major disciplines in civil engineering are: structures, water resources, transportation, construction management, materials, geotechnics, and environmental engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering offers graduate and undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.), Master of Civil Engineering (M.C.E.), Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.), and Bachelor of Civil Engineering (B.C.E.) with broad coverage of these areas of study. Discover the CUA Advantage or Contact Us for Additional Information.


The Catholic University of America combines a rich tradition of Catholic spirituality with a proven record of academic excellence. Founded as a graduate research center, today CUA also features a strong undergraduate program based in the liberal arts. In addition, CUA offers educational opportunities for high-school and non-traditional students looking to continue their education part time.

CUA grants undergraduate degrees in 72 programs, master's degrees in 103 programs, and doctoral or terminal degrees in 66 programs. CUA's graduate programs in philosophy and social work are among the oldest in the United States and the university features the only schools of library science and music in Washington, D.C.


Originally founded as a graduate institution, The Catholic University of America has continued its emphasis on original research. Today, it is designated doctoral-research extensive by the Carnegie Foundation. Opportunities abound for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in cutting edge research projects in every program of study.

  • McMahon Hall, home of the office of The Associate Provost for Research

    Associate Provost for Research

    Official Web site, offices, staff and contact information for the Associate Provost for Research.

  • The Rev. Andrew Buechele

    Research Administration

    Resources for proposals, awards, funding, budget and other aspects of managing research projects.

  • Dr. Pegg and graduate student at the Vitreous State Lab

    Institutes and Research Centers

    List of Catholic University research centers and affiliated programs hosted or supported in part by CUA.

  • Mullen Library as seen across the CUA mall.


    Homepage for university libraries and access to online catalogs and databases.


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