Friday, May 4, 2012

Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is the decipline of mapping,designing,managing any work input for effective,efficient and economical work output with comfortably satisfactory to the outer world.It is the main decipline for developing any undeveloped citizen.Since,it is one of the oldest technology used from the creation of humans era.It is developed from many ancient century.Many scientist has give honourable factors for implementing this engineering for the development factor.It is the basically the combination of mathematics,physics,sociology etc.So for gaining the knowledge of engineering we should have to learn about physics.Engineering is classified in different components as follows.
Civil engineering
Electrical engineering 
Mechanical engineering
Automobile engineering
Electronics engineering
Thermal engineering etc

Engineering is generally can be represented by the drawing , the drawing gives required specification about for engineering. So we should study more about drawing. As we know engineering is the combination of science,mathematics,chemistry,management etc or many other factor. So in this site we are learning engineering , so we should gain the knowledge about these factor.We would learn this factor serially.


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